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New Orleans Jobs

New Orleans is famous for so many wonderful things; its French Creole architecture, rich cultural heritage, jazz music and outstanding cuisine are internationally known. What most tourists don't realize is what the business world has already discovered; New Orleans is a great setting to do serious business. New Orleans jobs are just as diverse as the culture.

New Orleans' Largest Industries

New Orleans offers unique benefits to companies that choose to move there. The city has a variety of incentive programs to lower both the taxes and operating costs for businesses, making it a very attractive location. When you add the low cost of living compared to other metropolitan areas, New Orleans becomes an even more appealing option. The biggest industries include:

Defense and Aerospace: Lockheed Martin is a leader in aerospace technology, managing defense contracts for developing and manufacturing air and space craft.

Energy: The oil and gas industry is one of the long-standing leaders in the New Orleans' economy. Entergy Corporation and Superior Energy Services, Inc. are the top publicly traded companies in New Orleans, with revenues of $11.49 billion and $2.91 billion, respectively. Chemical plant and system operators average $30.18 per hour.

Tourism: Fabulous festivals abound in New Orleans, with Mardi Gras at the top of the list, so who wouldn't want to vacation there? With 11.2 million visitors expected in 2018, tourism is one of New Orleans' major sources of revenue, providing 30 percent of the city's operating budget. There are jobs in the restaurant, bar, hospitality and retail industries. The average hourly wage for customer service representatives is $15.37 in New Orleans and retail sales jobs pay an average of $11.85.

New Orleans Jobs in Health Care

The health care industry thrives in Greater New Orleans, making it an excellent job market for nurses and medical technicians. In fact, the biggest private employer in New Orleans is Ochsner Health System. There are 101,900 employees in education and health services in the city. The average registered nurse's hourly wage is $33.08. Where there are medical facilities, there are pharmacies. In New Orleans, a pharmacy technician earns an average of $14.37 per hour.

New Orleans is filled with fantastic variety, and for the job seeker, theres something for everyone.

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